pulpwood poetry and redneck review

This site is set up to promote the creative muse of pulpwood haulers and rednecks.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

pulpwood poetry and redneck review

Wecome to my new blog!
This is set up to honor and revel rural deep East texas life and southern lifestyle. I will post poems, stories, and press clippings covering the laid back living we enjoy. A word of warning, This blog is for everybody. All ages, sexes, ethnic backgrounds and education levels are welcome. Take off the white robes before you enter.

Let's kick back, and open up our sences of humor. Thin skinned peolple may be in trouble, but who ever heard of a thin skinned pulpwood hauler or a sensitve redneck. We are not here to tear people down, we are here to lift up.

First; a little history on why this blog has been created. I live in a world of rednecks, and I can be one pretty easily. For years we have gained the reputation as a bunch of beer guzleing(spelling?), cross burning, lazy, ignorant bums. We are more than that, we are creative, fun loving, hard working,(well some of them are,) people who love the rural southern forests and that way of life. Some folks look down on us, and some don't even recognize our existence. We will be silent no more. After the popularity of Blue Collar Comedy tour and King of the Hill, it is obvious that we have a place in society, the back.
We have the right and ability to express ourselves, so this is why this blog exists. No longer do you have to keep your redneck poems hidden away, now you have a place to share them with others. Do you have a story? Can you write? Now you can share.
A final note, this is a lot about poetry. It seems there are all kinds of poets these days. Not only do you have the usual sensitive and long suffering poets, but you have cowboy poets, fisherman poets, surburban housewife poets, etc. Let's celebrate the backwoods in all of us.


  • At 5:47 AM, Blogger Billybob said…

    I wanna see the southern cross
    waving in the breeze
    wanna see it flyin high
    for all to see

    I wanna see southern folks
    set differences aside
    and stand together
    and demand their rights

    Don't heed the liberals lies
    they seek cultural genocide
    just stand for southern pride
    and hear em wail and cry

    You don't have to be southern born
    to have a rebels heart
    just march beside us
    when the revolution starts

    So lift your banner high
    and give a battle cry
    it's time to do or die
    if we are to survive

  • At 9:55 PM, Blogger southpaw said…

    I love your poem Billybob!

    It truly express the feelings of many southern people!

    Right on brother!


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