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Thursday, January 26, 2006

That Ol' Truck

That ol truck may look all ratty
It me be wrecked and old
It may not look too sexy
But never will it be sold

It's dented and it's rusty
To you it may look like hell
But to me it's like an old friend
And the stories it could tell

See that dent on the front fender
That's where I hit that tree
And the scratches on the rear bumper
That's where my girlfiend backed into me
(don't tell my wife)

I have had it stuck out in the mud
In water up to the hood
Out where no one else was
Way out in the woods

The seats are torn and tattered
The dashboard old and split
The radio doesn't work anymore
But I really don't miss it

The motor uses a little oil
And sucks down lot's of gas
I can't afford to drive it much
So I park it on the grass

That truck's a part of who I am
And part of you I've been
It has helped me out of many a jam
To hell and back again

It may not be easy on the eyes
It may not look like much
But I will never trade it
Because it's my favorite truck


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