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Friday, January 27, 2006

Redneck Limericks

Limericks may be the most common poems constructed, yet I don't see many redneck limericks out there. There may be several reasons for this lack of participation;
1. Limericks are usually "off color." The rhyming patterns of this genre(foreign word) lends itself to using slang words. How else can you find and use a rhyme for Nantucket. Since I try to clean up what I look for, this really limits limericks.
2. I don't get around much. This would seem much more logical. Maybe there are tons of good, clean redneck limericks out here, but I am too lazy to find them.
3. Rednecks are for to sophisticated to use limericks. Sure, nice try.

Since I could not find many in the public domain, I made up a few myself. I need to admit that because of my up-bringing, I like limericks. It is absolutely a personality flaw, but I enjoy puns as well.

Mississippi Hippie
There once was a man from Mississippi, (why do limericks start out his way?)
Who became quite upset with a hippie, ( and who doesn't)
The long hair and beard
it all looked so weird
In fact you can saw he got snippy. (If it is good enough for a presidential
debate, it's good enough for this blog.)

So it's not great, it's not funny, and it's kind of stupid. What did you expect? Look at it this way, the postings here have to get better. One more and I will stop, I promise.

Up to the axles
A logger was driving a truck (a different beginning, whose impressed?)
In the mud until he got stuck
He climbed from the cab
And then he got mad
He could not believe his bad luck.

OK, OK, I give.


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