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Saturday, January 28, 2006

just a litle braggin'

I have been to many a gathering where conversation starts civil, and then gets a little wild. This one thing rednecks do that really entertains me, it shows their natural creativity and willing to say anything. Why spend ten dollars per ticket plus a small fortune on refreshments going to the movies for entertainment. That's a waste of time and cash. If you really want to laugh and experience a good time, bring a cooler of beer to any redneck gathering. Then, get ready for some storytelling.
Our own president likes to talk big, likes to pretend he is a good ol' boy. He is a Yankee from Yale. If he went to a feedstore and tried to swap tales, he would be laughed off the sack of cubes he used for a seat. Maybe he should hang around for a while. He might learn a little something about real life, and how to lie better.

Just a Little Braggin'

Pull up a seat
grab a beer
swapping stories, tales, and lies
Is what we're doin' here

Did you hear about the fish I caught?
It was about this big
That's bigger than the boat you bought
after you sold the pig

That's nothing but a shad
added cousin Dan
You should've seen the one caught by Dad
Now that fish was a man

Bigger than your trailer home
and fought like a brahmer bull
With it we fed half the town
till everyone was full

Fishing for wussies and for fairies
shouted Uncle Bob
If you want something that's really scary
go hunting for a hog

I will stop this poem here. Not because I don't have anything else, but because I want everybody to savor the verse.(OK, I'm out of rhymes, but I will finish it later. It's fixing to rain and I need to feed the cows.)


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