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Monday, January 30, 2006

Time is a wasting

Patience may be a virtue. I believe that is true. The only problem is that I have known very few virtuous people. Most of the peoples I know want things and want them now. This is not purely a redneck characteristic. To be honest, I have known more patient rednecks than patient non-rednecks. To some, these people may look lazy and lack ambition. I know that they understand that there are things that can not be rushed, and the more you wait, the better it gets.(Remember the sex talks?)

I am not very patient. I want things done my way and I want them done now! This blog is a wonderful example of this. I want lots of people to read and respond to this,(especially the ads,) but I haven't told anyone about the blog. I am not the sharpest axe in the truck, but even I know this make no since. Oh well.

I do need help. If you read this blog do one of two things. No, do two things. First; put in comments and feedback, especially if you have a verse suggestion. Second; tell people. If you like it-tell your friends. If you think it is drivel-tell your enemies. I will not be able to satisfactorily do a good job marketing this blog, I need your help, Remember-Time is a wasting.


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