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Thursday, February 02, 2006


The main resource our area has is the Great Piney Woods. These trees are more than geographical landscape, for many they are our way of life. The industries they fuel,(lumber, paper, recreation,) are the backbone of our economy.
Harvesting the woods for some is purely a mechanical thing. Have you ever stepped back and experienced the esthetics of logging? These sights and sounds are a constant in rural life. To some they are just noise, for others they are the sound of prosperity.


Darkness covers the woods
so early in the morning
soon the noise of a chainsaw buzz
will fill the air without warning

Then the thump, thump thump
of a diesel tractor
is an early noise to be heard
and more noise come soon after

The chainsaw whine
the crash of tress
this fills the air
and is on the breeze

Trimming the limbs
from fallen trunks
then skidded out
to waiting trucks

Saw, tractor, tree and truck
all sounds ring out strong
men yelling, laughing, and cursing
these sounds don't last long

Before evening falls it is no more
even the tractors are quite
the logging camp is all shut down
and sleeping for the night

Steve Killam


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